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Big Bear Laser Tag

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Big Bear Lake Things To DoBig Bear Laser Tag

Another family favorite for many Big Bear vacationers involves a battle of sorts. A little healthy competition is always fun, and a game or three of Big Bear Laser Tag can be just the thing to end buried hostilities as you come together and, well, shoot each other! For those who have never played a game of laser tag, it involves suiting up in a light sensitive vest and running around a dark room hiding behind obstacles as you aim your laser gun at everyone else running around the dark room! It’s actually a little more involved than that, but we’re sure you get the point, and if you’re interested in experience one of our favorite Big Bear Mountain things to do, you can join in a game at the Big Bear Funplex, located at 40679 Big Bear Boulevard.

The Big Bear Funplex Puts the Fun in Family

Also offering a full video arcade, an ice skating rink, and a snack bar (all this running around WILL make you hungry!), a day at the funplex will not just bring your family closer together; it may also bring a smile to your surly teen’s face as she happily shoots her annoying brother and effectively kicks him out of the game! Yes, we’re talking miracles here. Big Bear Laser tag has long been our go-to hostility ender in our family, and if yours is feeling the irritation of being too together for too long of a time, this is the perfect way to clear the air! And since Laser Tag was inspired by everyone’s favorite sci-fi movie, Star Wars, no one will look at you differently if you decide to play the game with your hair in the Princess Leia cinnamon bun look, or if you find yourself wishing the Force would be with the other players! And if you’ve never played laser tag before, you may be surprised to discover the arena is kind of foggy; the laser beams cannot be seen without the fog, and it adds some extra ambience to the game as well!

A Game of Two of Big Bear Laser Tag Will Tire You Out

You’re running, jumping, fake dying and taking cover to avoid being killed so, of COURSE you will be tired when your day of fun has ended! Fortunately, an evening spent resting and relaxing in one of our Big Bear Vacations charming cabins will re-energize you for a rematch the next day! Plush couches, super soft beds, and quiet nooks designed to quiet the mind will make this vacation a memorable one. Reserve your chance for the perfect family vacation, we even have room for petsContact us today to see how it’s done, or simply click the book now button that is next to the cabin of your dreams!

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