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Grizzly Manor Café

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Everybody knows that a place that offers as much beauty and recreation as Big Bear needs many unique restaurants where people can relax and enjoy a delicious meal when they are taking a break from the adventure. Luckily, Big Bear provides many such establishments. It may be relaxing and delicious, but the fun definitely does not stop when you come by Grizzly Manor Café for a meal. You are sure to be hooked after just one visit. Learn about one of the best Big Bear restaurants below:

Great Food at Reasonable Prices

Since 1975, Grizzly Manor Café has been one of the favorite places for breakfast and lunch for locals and visitors alike. The breakfast menu is something really special. You can find all of your favorite elements of a great breakfast, like eggs, bacon, pancakes, and much more. These classic foods take on a whole new world of flavor here because of the Grizzly Manor’s dedication to making everything with the very best ingredients. Best Big Bear restaurants have something for everyone!

Beyond the classics, you will also find imaginative dishes that you will only be able to enjoy here. “The Grizzly Bear” is a fitting meal to get here. It is complete with bacon, two eggs, hash browns, and their famous biscuits and gravy. Or go for it all with the Big Bear famous, “The Mess.” This is such a well-kept and delicious secret recipe that you will not find any information about it on the menu. All you need to know is it is amazing.

Lunch offers a whole new world of delicious items from tacos and quesadillas to fresh sandwiches and hamburgers.

Restaurants In Big Bear Lake CA

What you will find in the Grizzly Manor Café is a charming place that is completely unique to Big Bear. Visiting this café is a simple way to really get a taste for what this community is really like. Charming décor, along with the friendliest staff you will encounter while in Big Bear, make for the most pleasant of experiences. It is not uncommon for visitors to find themselves spending a little extra time relaxing at the table after their meal is finished.

The amazing food, mixed with this awesome energy, has prompted the Travel Channel to designate this the #1 Breakfast in America. This is obviously something that you need to try! You can get the best breakfast in America at 41268 Big Bear Blvd. just to the east of the center of Big Bear City. Come hungry and leave as satisfied as ever.

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