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Hacienda Grill

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Having an amazing getaway experience in Big Bear, California comes down to finding time to do everything that awaits. After all, you will be amazed to find just how many options there are for how to spend your day, from hiking beautiful forest trails as the trees tower above you, their gnarled limbs stretched out like hundreds of arms spread out to shield and protect you, to exploring the mountains and all the hidden wonders that lie therein, to lakeside fun and all of the water sports and activities that go with it. No matter what it is you are seeking, one this is sure: Big Bear is a vacation destination that promises to be as versatile as it is inspiring. Whether you’re traveling this direction solo, as a couple or with the entire family, chances are you’ll find yourself looking for a place to eat that’s inviting, delicious and of course fun! So, head over to Hacienda Grill when you’re in town for a culinary experience that checks all the boxes on the list and then some!

A Fun Atmosphere and Fantastic Flavors

Located at 41787 Big Bear Boulevard, Hacienda Grill has a reputation built on the bold flavors of their Mexican cuisine, not to mention a fun atmosphere that’s hard to beat. Visitors come to indulge in a mix of flavors from south of the border, however, they stay because they can’t seem to get enough of the friendly service, authentic and artistic décor with many paintings inspired by the Mexican culture that seems to cling to every meal and space of wall, and delightful ambiance. Hacienda Grill Big Bear hosts a facade that comes complete with stone-detailed columns and exposed beams that speak to the area’s rustic charm. Once you step inside, you’re free to take a seat at one of the many cozy tables situated on large, tiled flooring. Above your head, be sure to take time to admire the collection of colorful lamps that hang from the ceiling, not to mention the wall art and flags that speak to the proud origins of the cuisine. If you’re more in the mood for a house margarita and have plans to skip the meal, settle in at the full-service bar and enjoy a savory sip with friends as you relax and lose yourself in the warm, welcoming embrace of Hacienda Grill.

Menu Favorites to Savor at the Hacienda Grill

Begin a meal at Hacienda Grill Big Bearwith an appetizer that pleases the palateand is perfect for nibbling as you wait for the much-anticipated main course. You’ll find a range of small plates from the eloquent classics like shrimp cocktail to the old-time favorites such as the simple quesadilla, spicy taquitos, and the delicious and rich flavors of the classic street taco. No matter what you choose, it is sure to be the perfect start to your meal south of the border!

After nibbling on small plates, lay your gaze upon the large selection of classic dishes, with the only problem being the difficult task of choosing what to try. You’ll find such classic favorites as the spicy and flavorful chile verde, or you can dig into an overflowing burrito stuffed to the brim with your choice of fillings such as beans and rice, ground beef, chile verde, or even go coastal with some shrimp! If you’re not quite in the mood for something of that nature, then make sure you at least take a gander at the fajitas, which are sure to please your palate and easy the rumbling of your stomach. If one is looking for something that will truly set the mouth ablaze as the complex flavors of chili’s linger upon the taste buds, make sure you try their Shrimp a la Diabla; after trying a bite of this flaming shrimp, cool things down with a plate of cheese enchiladas. This is of course just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast array of choices available when you choose to treat yourself with a meal at Hacienda Grill!

However, make sure you take the chance to try one of their delectable margaritas, which you’ll find in an array of different flavors from ones mixed with a sweet fruit puree to ones that will set the mouth aflame with fresh slices of spicy jalapeno. While you’re at it, take a gander at their large selection of tequilas, ranging from the cheap and simple to the expensive and grand such as Don Julio Silver or Patron Silver. So, make sure you not only enjoy the rich flavors of the border but also pair it with the classic refreshing drink that is sure to be the icing on the cake to a perfect meal. If you find yourself traveling with little ones, then you have even more reason to stop by, as Hacienda Grill with children, this stop hosts a comprehensive kids’ menu that’s adjusted to smaller appetites.

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