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Himalayan Restaurant

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Big Bear may be a relatively small area, but it is one that takes its cuisine very seriously. As such, you will find a restaurant celebrating foods from all over the globe. You may be surprised to find a couple places preparing the cuisine of India and Nepal, but there is no surprise that the Himalayan Restaurant is providing the very best of these foods. With a name this literal, you can be sure the owners here have left none of your satisfaction up to the restaurant’s title, as they believe it should come from the food—and it will. Check out one of the best restaurants in Big Bear California below:

Delicious Indian and Nepalese Cuisine

Those who are familiar with this cuisine will find an authentic and delicious interpretation of it here. For those who have never tried it before, you could not ask for a better introduction. When traditional recipes and techniques for preparing food come together with the best and most fresh ingredients the Big Bear area has to offer, you have something very special in the Himalayan Restaurant.

The menu is massive, so there is something for every mood and every preference. The best way to start your meal here is with the freshest naan bread you will find anywhere. Whether you get the Classic Naan, the Garlic Naan, or something else entirely, it will surely be delicious. Other amazing appetizers include vegetable and meat dumplings, pakaudas, or samosas, the famous Indian snack.

Moving on to the entrees, you will find an incredible variety of tasty dishes. Of course, you can find numerous curry dishes, Tandoori specials, masala dishes, and so much more. These meals can feature endless options like lamb, pork, beef, chicken, fish, and of course, a whole lot of vegetables.Restaurants in Big Bear California has something for everyone!

This is also perhaps the best place in the entire area to go for vegetarians, as every single thing on the menu can be tailored to your specific diet. With that being said, there is also a lot for the meat-eaters to love here as well! Everything is made fresh for you at the best prices you will find throughout the entire area. There are so many reasons to love the food here!

Big Bear Mountain Things To Do

The philosophy here is one that is centered on bringing the flavors of these parts of the world to life inBig Bear with the best food possible. But they also acknowledge the important role the environment and the ambiance play in accomplishing this. As such, they have cultivated one of the most relaxing dining room settings in the Big Bear area through décor, lighting, and music. On top of the appealing aesthetic and energy of the room, it is full of friendly faces and service. This spot is just one of many Big Bear Mountain things to do.

You cannot find a more unique or delicious place to grab lunch or dinner. It certainly is a must-visit restaurant while you are in the area. You can find it at 672 Pine Knot Ave on the southern shore of the lake.

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