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Jasper’s Smokehouse and Steaks

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Getting out of town and heading to Big Bear, California is a great plan when you’re looking for a place where you can indulge in moments dedicated to calm rest hanging out by the shore of the lake, or perhaps watching your family splash and play in the water as the warm sun envelopes you. This is not to mention the fun of exploring the California woods, wilderness, and the various activities that lay hidden amongst the urban community. Between the hiking, swimming, biking, exploring and shopping, Big Bear quickly turns first-time visitors into lifelong loyalists who make Big Bear an annual stop and which many fond memories are tied to. However, traveling away from home to visit Big Bear doesn’t mean leaving the comforts of home entirely behind. Nothing says home quite like a good old-fashioned BBQ and when you’re craving a robust, smoky, and flavorful meal complete with a welcoming ambiance, be sure to make time for a stop at Jasper’s Smokehouse and Steaks when you’re in town!

Home-Style Flavor at Jasper’s Smokehouse

Located at 607 Pine Knot Avenue, Jasper’s Smokehouse and Steaks is a long-loved family-run culinary establishment dedicated to providing guests with a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home with every visit, and to treat their guests to some of the best meats and cooking around. Jasper’s Smokehouse and Steaks is known for generous portions and a menu that hosts a variety of BBQ specialties designed to please every palate and which are perfect for any occasion. Guests are invited to step in and make themselves right at home at one of the cozy tables no matter when they arrive. Tin and natural wood paneling make up the majority of the interior décor of this Big Bear steakhousefirmly rooting the overall feeling in rustic charm and good old-fashioned BBQ which is sure to bring back memories of lawn cookouts as your family laughs and takes part in various lawn games. The large ‘Let’s Eat’ sign is designed to inspire the senses and reassure guests that food is about flavor and enjoying time surrounded by those you love!

Menu Favorites to Savor

Jasper’s Smokehouse and Steaks is proud to serve both the lunch and dinner crowd, but even if you’re just here for a quick bite the menu is made to accommodate. Start off by browsing the munchie section where you’ll find a wide range of options perfect for getting things started, and not to mention an excuse to eat these well-loved comfort foods. You’ll find such favorites as the deep fried zucchini, which is sure to bring back memories of the summer. If that doesn’t do it, perhaps the fried okra will bring that all familiar warmth. If all else fails, a good plate of gooey mac n’ cheese is sure to make anyone’s day and allow the memories of childhood and cookouts to flow.

Once you’ve had a chance to settle and allow the suspense to grow, order one of their many delectable entrees which are sure to have you coming back in no time. For instance, you might just like tucking into one of their well-cooked and savory sandwiches such as the sweet pulled pork, the savory beef brisket, or even an old school steak sandwich! If this doesn’t get your mouth watering, you might find their burgers do quite the trick, as they are not only juicy and thick but piled high with various toppings to help make them unique and something that will forever stick out amongst the hundreds of others you have tried in your life. You might enjoy their pastrami burger loaded with rich flavors of complex meats, or the sharpness of their blue cheeseburger, or you can go simple and just enjoy a good old-fashioned mushroom burger!

If you are feeling especially hungry, you should check out their platters which are loaded high with all sorts of goodies ranging from meaty pork ribs to sweet pulled pork, spicy hot links, and more! You can even get the entire family a meal to remember with their Family Feast, quite aptly named, which comes with a half-pound of ribs, chicken, pulled pork/brisket, or links, as well as a pint each of baked beans and your choice of sides, all of which is topped off with a serving of their cheesy garlic bread or their hot and buttery dinner rolls. Don’t forget to finish the meal off right though with a slice of their chocolate bliss or red velvet case or dig into a sticky and sweet pie or cobbler!

So, whether you’re in the mood for a top sirloin, BBQ beef rib or a pulled pork sandwich, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on the menu at Jasper’s. No matter what you ultimately go with, a side of hush puppies, onion rings or sweet potato fries is always a good decision at this Big Bear steakhouse.

Big Bear Awaits

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