Lumberjack Café

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Big Bear, California is a vacation destination that comes with plenty of opportunities to get out and explore. Whether you’re one for kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking or making the most of lakeside fun, Big Bear has a little something for everyone. While the excitement is sure to inspire, with all the exploring you are sure to do, and with the adventures you are sure to have, it’s also bound to help you work up quite the appetite. Whether you’re looking to cure a craving during the breakfast, lunch or dinner hours, a stop at Lumberjack Café is always a delicious choice and you too are sure to see why both local and visitors alike flock to this little local eatery. So, come enjoy a taste of Big Bear and make some new friendships along the way!

A Flavorful Find in Big Bear

Located at 1001 W. Big Bear Boulevard, the Lumberjack Café might seem like an unassuming place at first and you couldn’t be blamed if your eyes pass right over this small family-owned business the first time you seek the establishment out. However, upon entering you will fill your heart swell and your muscles relax as the warm and welcoming energy of the café washes over, and the delectable smells of fine homestyle cooking linger and drift in the air. Having fed the hungry residents of Big Bear for the last 15 years, this culinary hot spot has long provided the residents and visitors of Big Bear with delicious fare and a great environment designed to enjoy with good comfort food, fresh ingredients, and of course the welcoming attitude of the staff which makes you feel as if you just stepped into a family’s home for a meal. With wood-paneled walls, simple décor, and cozy family-style tables a stop at the Lumberjack Café is meant to feel as comfortable as your own dining room table. This casual and laid-back stop welcomes families and provides a vast menu made for delighting even the pickiest of eaters, not to mention the eye widening portion sizes are sure to satisfy even the most vocal of hungry stomachs. While a stop by the Lumberjack Café Big Bear during the winter months is sure to inspire dining indoors, those who find themselves here in the spring, fall or summer will want to take advantage of the spacious patio seating option complete with thatched-roof umbrellas for added rustic charm!

Menu Highlights at the Lumberjack Café

No matter what you choose when you dine at the Lumberjack Café for breakfast, every plate comes with a side of potatoes, toast or biscuit. Bring your appetite and browse the menu that features everything from salty and savory corn beef hash served next to a helping of eggs, to crunchy and perfectly seasoned chicken fried steak which is the perfect thing to start the day. When you’re in the mood for something sweet, make sure you check out their waffles, fluffy pancakes and smooth and rich French toast which are always readily available. If you are perhaps looking for something a bit more savory, not to mention incredibly filling, then the omelets are the ticket to a protein-packed morning. You’ll find a wide range of omelets ranging from the classic’s such as a gooey cheese one, or you can get a bit creative and go for their mouthwatering chili cheese omelet or enjoy the flavors of the coast with their ones filled to the bring with crab or shrimp. In the world of breakfast, you’ll also find the items that slowly are becoming a staple of the breakfast eatery, for instance you’ll find the large breakfast burrito stuffed full of chili, cheese, and eggs. You’ll also find the classic New York steak and eggs breakfast for those looking for a true protein boost this lovely morning.

If you’re stopping by for lunch, hot and cold sandwiches alike are fan favorites, and you are sure to forever crave their Philly cheese steak loaded to the brim with thinly sliced meats, perfectly cooked and seasoned. You might also enjoy taking a trip down memory lane to the days of the school yard with their classic sloppy joe, or if you find yourself here on a chilly day, dig into the warm and delicious French dip! However, if that’s not quite your style, make sure you check out their salads and juicy burgers which are also sure to be more then satisfying.

Dinner selections at the Lumberjack Café come with a baked potato or salad and range from a perfectly grilled New York steak to perfectly seasoned and cooked chicken breast set atop a creamy pasta, salty yet richly flavored pork chops, flaky fish with a side of crispy and perfectly fried chips. This is on top of the wide variety of other menu items that are sure to tantalize the senses and cause your mouth to water at the very memory of the delectable meal you have just enjoyed. Any little ones traveling with you are sure to content as well considering the Lumberjack Café Big Bear features a full kid’s menu for little ones looking to dine in style and also hosts a menu section dedicated to south of the border fare. Don’t forget to pair your plate with a glass of wine from their surprising selection of wine, beers, and spirits.

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