North Shore Café

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Big Bear, California is a renowned vacation destination in Southern California that has a reputation for being a locale that revolves around rustic, outdoor adventure. Guests to this area often come to hike the many mountain trails, take advantage of the ski slopes or to simply get away from it all and indulge in lakeside lounging. While the great outdoors is a definite highlight of a trip to Big Bear, there’s no reason no to seek out those upscale moments here as well, particularly when it comes to Big Bear’s culinary scene. After a day out exploring and adventuring, feel free to dress your best and head out for a romantic dinner for two at North Shore Café.

Romance and International Cuisine

Located at 39226 North Shore Drive, North Shore Café is an elegant dinner stop in Big Bear where visitors will find a sophisticated table setting, beautiful view, and menu that features the best of French and American infusion. North Shore Café is open Thursday through Sunday and invites guests to step inside and indulge in an elegant interior or make their way out to the splendid and shaded patio for an open-air dining experience. North Shore Café is easy to find as the restaurant sits within a restored and charming residential home. Look for the quaint sign and bring your appetite too. While North Shore Café Big Bear caters to the dinner crowd on Friday and Saturday evenings, early opening hours mean breakfast that’s served up is just as savory.

What to Enjoy From the Menu at the North Shore Café

Omelets, pancakes, French toast, and selection of southwestern specialty items make the breakfast options at North Shore café diverse and designed to please palates of all preferences. The lunch crowd will be thrilled with options to select from chicken tacos and soups of the day as well as plenty of customized sandwiches and burgers made to taste. If you’re here for dinner, the options are just as intriguing. Guests can browse selections ranging from duck pasta and peppercorn burgers to North Shore salads and seasoned pan-fried trout. When it comes to pairing your plate with the perfect beverage, North Shore Café hosts an impressive and meticulously curated wine list. No matter what you choose to enjoy, time spent at North Shore Café Big Bear is sure to inspire the senses.

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