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Oakside Restaurant and Bar

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

The beauty of a trip to Big Bear, California for many travelers is the opportunity to connect with and enjoy the great outdoors. From lakeside adventures gliding across the surface of the still water as birds chirp in the distance to opportunities to take to the maze of trails that winds through the mountains, Big Bear is a vacation destination where rustic charm and outdoor thrills are the highlights of the experience. After a day of exploring and adventures, and when you’re looking for a culinary stop that matches the ambiance of the great outdoors, be sure to head over to Oakside Restaurant and Bar for a delicious meal during your stay.

American Dishes in Rustic Style at the Oakside Restaurant and Bar

Take time to sit back and savor the flavors of classic dishes and comfort foods in an inviting and rustic setting when you make a meal of it at Oakside Restaurant and Bar. This delightful stop is located at 40701 Village Drive which makes it a convenient place to pick for those that are out exploring the heart of Big Bear. Guests are invited to come and select a table indoors in their cozy and friendly dining area or make their way to the outdoor patio when the weather is aligned with your dining plans. This family-friendly stop prides itself on providing an atmosphere where friendly service can be expected, you’re the number one priority, and the food is always mouthwatering and stands to be the perfect addition to what is already an ideal day. Oakside Restaurant Big Bear runs on a motto of Better Food. Better Mood and guests that find themselves here should be prepared to bring their appetite accordingly! Come during your next trip to Big Bear and discover why locals and travelers alike have been naming the Oakside a favorite for years.

What to Order While You’re Here

The options are vast and varied when you make a meal stop at Oakside Restaurant and Bar, and you are sure to be pleased with the diverse menu featuring all manner of comfort foods and classic favorites. Sample bites and appetizers range from delectable Oakside Sliders, coming in both your typical burger variety as well as the pulled pork kind, and fried calamari to the classic chicken wings and shrimp cocktail.

Moving onto the main course, guests will be delighted as they scan the menu and see all manner of entrees to make your mouth water. For instance, it’s always a good time enjoy a 16 oz ribeye, filet mignon, or even digging into a plump lobster tail just begging to be dunked in golden butter. One will also find a range of finger foods such as their diverse and varied 10” pizzas that come in all your favorite styles, including four-cheese and truffle, but also some specialty types including their lobster pizza! If you’re looking for a taste of the Mediterranean, but maybe not in the mood for a pizza, check out their flatbreads ranging from the classic mushroom to cheese and even veggie for our vegetarian companions.

Of course, if you find yourself joining during the lunch period, then dig into one of their mouthwatering sandwiches including the classic grilled cheese, to the salty and savory French dip, to the sweet and classic pulled pork sandwich. One could even go a bit more for the fancier side of things by digging into a wagyu steak burger and getting a taste of the fine cuts in life.

The menu also hosts a section dedicated to vegetarian selections making this a convenient and versatile culinary stop in Big Bear. For instance, those with dietary restrictions will most certainly be curious to try their own take on the impossible burger; they can also go with a classic and tuck into a Caesar Salad or other leafy meal.
When it comes to Dessert, Oakside Restaurant Big Bear does it right. Feel free to satisfy your sweet tooth by selecting a slice of blueberry cobbler white chocolate cheesecake or going for the crispy bread pudding bites. While you’re enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the good food, make sure you take advantage of their well-stocked bar featuring 17 different tap beers, many which feature various craft labels. As well, you’ll have your choice of over 150 whiskies and spirits which is sure to be the perfect way to round out an unforgettable and relaxing meal.

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