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Peppercorn Grille

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Big Bear is known around the country as an exceptionally beautiful place. After you visit, you will remember it for natural wonders unlike any you have seen before. But you will also remember how amazing the food was! There is no other restaurant that will pleasantly linger in your memories quite like Peppercorn Grille. The amazing food, friendly service, and beautiful environment will work in unison to provide one of your favorite memories and is one of the perfect things to do in Big Bear today!

Great Food for Everyone

The menu is so diverse that you cannot really nail down what type of cuisine it is. It surely takes largely from Italian and American cuisines, but really needs its own category. Meals start with delectable appetizers like calamari, Maui crab cakes, and their unique take on warm bruschetta. These are great ways to start the meal, but it only improves from there with ample options from pastas and pizzas to salads and sandwiches.

If you are looking for something really unique, look to the specialty entrees, each of which features either steak, chicken, seafood, or some combination thereof. The 6 oz filet mignon is among the best you will ever try, while the sautéed Alaskan salmon provides subtle and fresh flavors of candied almonds and a lemon aioli. Big Bear CA restaurants have something for everyone!

This menu is also very dedicated to providing a wide range of delicious options for their vegetarianguests. The crowd favorite among these dishes is the vegetable pasta made with whole wheat pasta, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, a white wine garlic butter sauce, and much more. Only in seeing this menu and trying some of its items can you understand the quality it provides.

Big Bear CA Restaurants

It is difficult to do justice to the ambience here with any description. There is a certain fine dining feel from the elegant design and décor of the restaurant, but there is also a casual feel from the friendliness and attention to detail of the servers that is contagious. This makes this the perfect place for both lunch and dinner, whether you are celebrating a momentous occasion or just looking for a delicious meal on a typical evening. Check out one of the best Big Bear CA restaurants!

It is not every day you find a beautiful restaurant that provides amazing food along with a fun experience. Once you find it, it tends to remain as one of your favorites. The Peppercorn Grille is sure to remain as one of your Big Bear favorites for many years to come. Visit them at 553 Pine Knot Ave and experience the best of Big Bear cuisine.

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