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Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Big Bear is a place that features its very ow n culture and community. Some of the best evidence of this community can be found throughout countless restaurants. Pivotal points in this community are welcoming atmospheres and delicious foods. Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria stands out as one of the best examples of this, as they feature both of these qualities. It is a fun place to get an amazing meal, and it goes beyond pizza! Learn why this is one of the top Big Bear family activities below:

Great Food

At Saucy Mama’s, they do a wonderful job of blending some of the most classic Italian dishes with flavors and styles that have become wildly popular in California. At the heart of each and every item on this wonderful menu is the freshest ingredients that Big Bear has to offer. The pizzas are the real calling card here, with everything from the dough to the sauce being prepared fresh daily. Restaurants in Big Bear have something for everyone!

While you are always encouraged to use your imagination to craft your own pizza, there are many specialty options on the menu to nudge you in the right direction. One of the most beloved pies on the menu is the Adelfo’s Amazing Alfredo, with rich, 3-cheese alfredo sauce serving as the base underneath tender chicken breast and mushrooms. Other great options include, but are not limited to, Austin’s Red Hot Kickin’ Chicken, Bambino’s Chicken Pesto, and Diane’s Margherita Mix. You cannot go wrong with any pizza here because the ingredients are just too good!

While pizza is the prodigal menu item here, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. There is a wide selection of fresh pastas with a bit of a Big Bear twist. Thick subs and paninis make for great options for both the meat lovers out and vegetarians, while big salads make for lighter options that do not spare anything in taste.

Restaurants In Big Bear

Whatever energy is not spent creating a unique menu and making sure each meal is perfect is spent on ensuring every customer has a great experience. This starts with the charming décor that celebrates rock ‘n’ roll history. Multiple flat screen TVs are constantly playing everyone’s favorite sports, and every waiter and waitress is doing everything they can to make sure you are taken care of. You definitely will not want to leave even after your meal is finished.

If you are in the mood for a great slice of pizza in Big Bear, Saucy Mama’s is the place for you. But it can also satisfy numerous other cravings. Find it at 618 Pine Knot Avenue amidst all the action of the city.

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