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Teddy Bear Restaurant

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

Big Bear Lake, California is a beautiful vacation destination any time of year you arrive. Whether you show up in the winter with cold flurries falling from the sky above while you cozy up in a coffee shop or come in the summer an enjoy basking in the sun and playing upon the water’s surface, it’s certain that you’ll work up quite the appetite along the way. When it comes to Big Bear establishments that know how to serve up a wide range of different cuisines and menu options from savory comfort food in casual style, to juicy and large steaks enjoyed amongst the flickering candle light. However, despite this multitude of different and unique eateries, if you are looking for some good food to satisfy your rumbling stomach, then there’s no place like Teddy Bear Restaurant when it comes to satisfying a craving for something delicious.

Welcoming Ambiance and Flavorful Fare

Situated at 583 Pine Knot Avenue, Teddy Bear Restaurant is a well-loved culinary locale in Big Bear that brings locals and visitors together in the name of a delicious meal. Having served these hungry patrons for over 60 years, few can claim to have the experience and talent that has kept this much-loved eatery around for so long. Legend even says their long and vibrant success is due to a woman who blessed a nickel and hid it in one of the pillars. However, legends true or not, the laid-back and welcoming Teddy Bear Restaurant is easy to identify by its log-cabin and German-inspired façade. As you walk in, feel yourself relax as you gaze upon the warm interior that features exposed brick walls and an extended bar perfect for meeting up with friends for a drink. Guests to Teddy Bear Restaurant Big Bearare invited to grab a table indoors and browse a menu that features a variety of food items sure to please just as many taste preferences. If you find yourself with a furry little friend, bring them along (as long as they are well behaved) and sit in the outdoor patio and relax as you enjoy good food and the warmth of a California sun. You’ll also find that Teddy Bear sets themselves apart by the fact that all of their foods are homemade, from the flaky and delicious bread to the creamy mashed potatoes to the flaky and syrupy pies that you are sure to eye from the moment you walk in. However, make sure you come early, as Teddy Bear is easily one of the most popular eateries in the area, and as you will see this is for good reason!

Menu Highlights Not to Miss at the Teddy Bear Rrestaurant

Teddy Bear Restaurant is the place to be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner options according to taste. Those that find themselves here during the morning hours will be happy with a selection of items that range from perfectly cooked omelets with a variety of fresh stuffing to buttery and sweet pancakes stacked to the ceiling as syrup and butter dribbles down it’s side. You’ll even find a breakfast burger complete with a fried egg on top!

The lunch crowd is given a selection that is just as diverse and includes all the favorites. You’ll find juicy and thick hamburger slathered in toppings, such as the chili burger that is sure to have you daydreaming of more upon completion. You’ll also find a selection of warm soups, chilis, and machaca that are not only delectable, but all the same original recipe that was used over half a century ago. Dinner, you will find, is the perfect time to throw in a bit of spice. Enjoy a selection of south of the border meals that range from the complexities of salmon tacos to bulging steak burritos that will have you mouth watering in anticipation, and even home-made chicken pot pie!

However, while all these foods are delicious and sure to have you becoming a regular in no time, Teddy Bear Restaurant Big Bear’s real claim to fame is their flaky, sweet, and flavorful pies, all of which are homemade to ensure the absolute freshest and best of taste. If this doesn’t plant the seeds of desire, then one of their hot fudge brownies are sure to guarantee that your experience will end on a super sweet note every single time you stop by.

If you find yourself traveling with little ones, Teddy Bear is the perfect place to go as you’ll find they have a rather startlingly diverse kids’ menu which ensures that everyone, from the big to the small and from the young to old, can all properly enjoy the delicious and intoxicating flavors of Teddy Bear Restaurant Big Bear.

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