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The Old German Deli

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

A journey to Big Bear, California is a wonderful way to make the most of the Southern California terrain while taking time to be close to nature. You’ll have the best of both worlds, an urban environment for all those fun activities like escape rooms and proximity to the outdoors for fresh air and the rejuvenation of the natural world. However, once the daily adventuring comes to an end, visitors to Big Bear are sure to have worked up a hearty appetite and are looking for a good place to fill their stomach and enjoy the flavors of the mountains. When you’re looking to cure a craving for Bavarian fare, Big Bear is proud to be home to The Old German Deli where traditional favorites and beyond are available for purchase and enjoyment.

A Taste of Germany

Situated at 40645 Village Drive, The Old German Deli delights guests with its selection of sausages, cheeses, pastries, and German beers. The Old German Deli isn’t hard to miss with its German flag flying high and carved bear statue proudly welcoming guests. Step inside and enjoy indulging in a variety of German deli favorites. For instance, enjoy a selection of German sandwiches complete with the most famous of their meats. Dig into a sandwich made with Bavarian loaf, or even the unique filling that is schinkenwurst. Of course, those might be unfamiliar for some travelers and guests; in that case, you might enjoy sticking to something more familiar like Black Forest ham or roast beef. However, the truly adventurous who are looking to let the foodie within have some fun can go for the more unique and traditional meals such as liverwurst, or truly go for the cultural classics with a tongue and blood sandwich (Don’t worry, from personal experience we can say it tongue tastes similar to rather flavorful roast beef).

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper German meal without digging into a proper sausage. Enjoy the spicy complexities of a veal bratwurst, or perhaps you’d like to go the more savory route with a smoked cheddar link. There is of course knockwurst, or the well-known frankfurter. However, you’ll find some other unique choices such as currywurst or chicken jalapeno. The vegetarians can even get in on the experimentation with one of their beyond meat brats.

Make sure you pair your meal with a delicious side featuring both favorites of the German culture as well as some American inspired classics. For instance, you can enjoy a nice soft pretzel, or one can enjoy the classic potato salad. Don’t forget dessert, as you’ll find all manner of German sweets including, but not limited to: Milka Chocolate Bar, a slice of apple or cherry strudel, or of course the classic chocolate croissant.

Where beer enthusiasts will be pleased with the selection of beverage choices, kids will quickly fall in love with the large salted pretzels that are readily available. A collection of traditional German grocery items is also available at this German deli in Big Bear when you’re looking for products to take home as souvenirs of your stay. Feel free to browse the aisles or order up a dish or two and make your way to the outdoor patio where you can indulge the taste buds and enjoy the view alongside family and friends.

Planning a Visit to the German Deli in Big Bear

Indoor seating is also available at this German deli in Big Bear for those that are interested in ordering up a sandwich and making the most of a savory afternoon. Dig into a sauerkraut-based dish and enjoy the European-inspired ambiance compete with photos, flags, beer bottles and a colorful chalkboard listing the daily specials. The Old German Deli is a family-owned establishment and many visitors return time and again in large part due to the warm and welcoming service provided by the owners. The Old German Deli is open Thursday-Monday from 10:30 am until 6:00 pm. Those visiting with canine companions are welcome to entertain their pup and taste buds on the outdoor patio. Make sure you keep an eye on the calendar as they tend to be quite active during the local Oktoberfest, and they are sure to add a true traditional and authentic touch the much beloved holiday. So, when your next in Big Bear, make sure you take the chance to truly enjoy some unique international food, and experience the wonderous flavors of the German cuisine.

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