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Whiskey Dave’s Big Bear

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

If you are looking for one of the best sports bars in all of Big Bear, make sure you stop on by Whiskey Dave’s in Big Bear for an exciting venue of spirits, music, eats, and pool. Whiskey Dave’s has been a local favorite for years, providing good foods, cold beers, and great live music showcasing the area. This local establishment provides great food and drinks for those looking to “raise your glass in a toast to the man whose hell raising spirit lives on.”

Music Themed Menu

At Whiskey Dave’s, you will not find a menu full of lame sounding appetizers and entrees. Instead, you will find a glorious selection of side stage offerings, delicious warm up acts, and main stage offerings. Start your meal off with loaded skins, chronic fish tacos, buffalo wings, nachos, bacon wrapped jalapenos, salted pretzels and more. Once these warm up acts have started to kick in the hunger, it’s time to explore the main stage act. You can choose from one of Whiskey Dave’s freshly prepared burgers, including the famous Saturday Night Special, the American Woman, Born to be Wild, and so much more. Make sure to pair off your meal with delicious side stage acts including the delicious cheesy bread, fingers and fries, broken wing egg sandwich, or the famous cheesy bread. Each item is offered on a budget friendly price so you and your family can enjoy the delicious food served up byWhiskey Dave’s. Get a closer look at the menu at https://whiskeydaves.com/menu.

Spirits and More

Whiskey Dave’s would not serve the name justice if it did not include a vast selection of spirits and cold drinks ready for your consumption. Adults can enjoy a lengthy selection of classic mainstay spirits including whiskey, vodka, rum, and all the other requirements. Enjoy a nice cold class of your favorite brews (none of that sissy craft beer selection) that will quench your thirst any day. You won’t find a better place to pour a cold one that Whiskey Dave’s.

Live Music and So Much More

Whiskey Dave’s does not just provide amazing food and beverages, but some of the best live music in town. If you are looking for a great night out then make sure you stop by Whiskey Dave’s in Big Bearduring your next California vacation. Make sure to call our rental experts today and see how you can reserve the perfect vacation rental that is close to all of the local favorite spots, including Whiskey Dave’s. You are just a click away from your next Big Bear vacation getaway.