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Pleasure Point Marina Boat Rentals

Founded in 1907, we have served over 1.3 million guest nights over the last 113+ years!

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Big Bear Lake, California calls to outdoor enthusiasts from across the country and globe to come and explore the beautiful scenery. Bikers, hikers and water sports lovers come to make the most of this gorgeous destination that offers up the best of the mountains, trails, and waterways. When you’re here to get out and into nature, there’s nothing like a day on the water. Pleasure Point Marina boat rentals are a wonderful way to explore the waves of Big Bear Lake while soaking up the rays and encountering some incredible wildlife along the way. Operating since 1914, this is one of the oldest marinas in the area and has earned a reputation as a family-friendly destination.

The Best Big Bear Lake Boat Rentals

Located at 603 Landlock Landing in the San Bernardino National Forest, Pleasure Point Marina is an easy access point for those looking to spend a pleasurable day upon the waters doing all manner of activities. However, while one can have a lovely day upon the shore, you’ll find that the best way to experience the marina is upon the waters, and their boat rentals have your back! You’ll find all manner of watercraft for rent from kayaks for those looking for adventure, fishing boats for those looking to try their luck, paddle boards for something different, and much more! If you’re traveling with children, consider spending some time in a rental peddle boat as you explore the shores of Metcalf Bay while also getting some exercise. $30 gets you an hour of time on the water with each additional hour costing $25. Peddle boats can accommodate two adults and a child at one time, ensuring that the entire family can enjoy the waters and the thrill of exploration.

If you’re an avid angler and are looking for a fishing boat rental, Pleasure Point Marina has you covered. Rental fishing boats can seat up to four passengers at a time and are available for a minimum of two-hour rentals all the way up to an eight-hour excursion for those looking to spend an entire day upon the waters. You’ll be pleased to find that the Marina is fully stocked with all manner of fishy catches. You’ll find everything from carp, to trout, to bass, to catfish, and more! The marina is even regularly stocked with the popular Rainbow Trout by the Department of Fish and Game, thus ensuring there is always something good to catch should you wish to try your skill during your stay with us. As well, keep an eye on the calendar as there are several fishing competitions and special events throughout the year, and during these times the waters are stocked with trophy-sized trout to make things interesting. For those who are looking to spend some time catching our fishy brethren, then keep in mind that the best times to catch are going to be the early morning or late evenings when the other water-hobbyist are absent. The early spring usually makes for the best time of the year the come and show off your fishing skills. However, keep in mind that there are some restrictions, for instance there is a minimum age of 5 to be in the boat and during the winter ice fishing is prohibited.  Price ranges fluctuate from $75 to $200 depending on the length of rental. If you forgot your bate then fear not as Pleasure Point Marina runs a full-service bait shop on-site, ensuring that anytime the impulse to have a tranquil day upon the water, you can head out and be upon the marina shortly. You’ll also find that the shop doesn’t just sell bait, but also a range of alcoholic beverages to make the day just a tad bit more interesting.

Pleasure Point Marina also rents out pontoons ranging in size from a small vessel that seats 8 all the way up to a luxury version that seats 12. Rental times vary from one-hour to eight-hour options with prices fluctuating from $100 for a one-hour small pontoon option to $770 for a luxury pontoon for eight hours. Guests should be advised that rental prices may vary during holidays. Keep in mind that after spending some time upon the waters, the marina does have picnic and barbeque areas so that you can end your day with a good old-fashioned cookout. This is one of the best Big Bear Lake boat rentals!

Experience the Best of Big Bear Lake

Enjoying your time on Big Bear Lake comes down to letting go of stress and getting into nature. When you’re headed this way, let the team at Big Bear Vacations handle your vacation rental details so you can focus on the fun. We’ll make sure you’re booked into a beautiful property that keeps you close to the lake and living luxuriously during your stay. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your next trip!