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Top Big Bear Off-Road Trails

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If you have never experienced the thrill of driving a big four-wheel drive truck over hills and along dirt paths, your Big Bear vacation is the perfect time to change that! Spending time outdoors, whether on foot or in the cab of a truck, is always our goal, and we love to help our guests experience Mother Nature’s charms in new and unique ways. This list of the top Big Bear off-road trails will help you discover the daredevil you never knew resided deep inside you!

Big Pine Flat Trail (3N16)

We’ll start with an easy trail for our beginner guests. The 26.6-mile-long Big Pine Flat Trail provides nicely compacted dirt roads and is wide enough for two drivers to pass each other or for one driver to be a total road hog. There is a creek that has to be crossed, but it is mostly shallow and the views along this trail will have you stopping for photo ops more than once.

Burns and Rattlesnake Canyons Trail

Once you have a little more experience under your belt, the Burns and Rattlesnake Canyons Trail will satisfy your urge for bigger and better; high clearance four-wheel drive vehicles are the only ones recommended, as this trail is both sandy and rocky. Again, those views make it worth the effort!

Dishpan Springs Trail (3N34)

If you aren’t experienced in off-road driving, this Big Bear off road trail is not for you. Even the climbs are too steep for novices, and the giant boulders, deep ruts, and the need to cross through deep water can create a harrowing experience you won’t want to repeat. Highly skilled drivers will relish thee challenge, though!

Gold Mountain Trail (3N69)

For our daredevil guests who find “very difficult” trails a challenge and a pleasure, the Gold Mountain Trail will be the perfect off-road experience! This trail takes you to the top of Gold Mountain (via the hard route!) and should never be attempted by the novice driver. Zigzagging its way over boulders the size of small cars, spotters will be needed in some of the more dangerous terrain. Once you reach the top, you may never want to leave.

Big Bear Off-Road Driving Can Be Dirty Work

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