Top Things You May Not Know About Big Bear

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When traveling, it’s always fun to learn the little-known stories about the town you’re visiting. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower was created as a temporary structure for the World’s Fair. The Statue of Liberty, the ultimate symbol of American freedom, was a gift from Paris to America. These little nuggets of information often make the places we visit seem even more interesting, and if you’re traveling to Big Bear any time soon, these things you may not know about Big Bear will add to its magnetism!

The Captain’s Anchorage is Haunted

One of our most popular surf & turf restaurants, The Captain’s Anchorage, has been haunted by the ghost of George. Rumors abound as to the mystery of his death and his character, but no one really knows much more about him. He is loud, he can be grumpy, and he tends to hide dishware and silverware just to tick off the restaurant’s employees! Just another thing about Big Bear you may have not known!

The First Ski Lift Opened in 1938

People discovered the thrills of skiing long before the first ski lift opened. Before that, skiers had to propel themselves up the mountain using their poles. Now you know why poles are a common piece of equipment; today we rarely use them, except to make us go faster or look cooler, but they actually once had an important need!

Big Bear was Named After the Grizzly Bears that Used to Roam the Valley

Today they have been hunted out of the area, but grizzly bears used to populate the Big Bear region and were a popular food source for starving settlers. Although the grizzly is gone, there are still plenty of brown bears that make their home in Big Bear, continuing the tradition started by their fiercer ancestors.

Some of Your Favorite Movies and Television Shows Have Been Filmed Here

The rugged landscape that makes Big Bear such a popular tourist destination also makes it a huge draw for the movie crowd—especially western movie makers. The first movie, The Lonesome Pine, even had a set built for it that included a water mill that still stands today!

Big Bear Information

This is the kind of town where no one is a stranger, even when the population jumps from 5,000 to 100,000, and our Big Bear Vacations homes are built to make our friends comfortable and happy! From cloud soft beds to high end appliances, there are no details overlooked to ensure your stay in Big Bear will be a memorable one. Contact us to reserve yours today!