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Whether you have kids or you’re simply a kid-at-heart that longs for the carefree days of your youth, you can recapture the magic of childhood (if only for as long as a rollercoaster ride lasts) with the unparalleled fun of the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear, California. Learn more about this unique attraction below!

Big Bear Lake hosts a variety of must-try activities that are fun for the entire family, but there’s no place quite like Magic Mountain when it comes to making incredible memories alongside those you love most. This exciting recreation area provides year-round entertainment and features a one-of-a-kind opportunity to slide your way towards thrills with a trip down the infamous Alpine Slide.

What You’ll Encounter at This Attraction     

 Nestled along the southern shore of Big Bear Lake, the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is one of Big Bear’s best attractions. It’s well worth visiting this exciting attraction at any time of the year, creating memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come!

 Your exhilarating adventure on Magic Mountain begins with a chair lift ride to the top, immersed in picturesque scenery. Then, provided that you meet the height requirements, you can climb into your very own bobsled. Those who do not meet the height requirements, such as small children, can ride with an adult the same way they would while snow tubing down a bunny hill.

 Envision flying down the alpine coaster in a toboggan, the brisk chill of the winter wind hitting your face as you traverse a track that uses the natural dips, dives, and turns of the mountain to create a one-of-a-kind ride.

 These bobsleds are outfitted with runners covered in Teflon, making your ride smooth and speedy as you head to the bottom. The concrete track varies between surprising sharp turns that are sure to elicit an elated laugh from any rider, as well as long stretches that are flat and help you build up speed.

 In the summer, the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain converts into a mini water park, with waterslides that lead down into a cool, refreshing pool and a small sunbathing area where you can dry off after making your big splash.

 Beyond the summertime water slides, Magic Mountain also has a go-kart racing track and a course for mini-golf that are both open nearly year-round and add an extra dose of nostalgic wonder to your time visiting this attraction in Big Bear.

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A Breathtaking Adventure

The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is the next best thing to an actual experience of flying down a bobsled track. Feel the wind in your hair and the adrenaline pumping as you swiftly make your way along a quarter-mile track that winds expertly through the park. The easy to grip control handle allows riders to increase or reduce their sled speed at will, making this the perfect excursion for guests of all ages. Children who are between 36” and 48” tall will be required ride with an adult who is at least 18-years-old in the name of a safety-first environment.

Getting There

A trip down the Alpine Slide begins with a trip up the chairlift. Every rider requires a ticket purchased in advanced before they make their way to the lift access point within the great recreation area. Hop on the chairlift and make sure to keep your eyes open as you admire the scenic beauty of this Big Bear Lake destination from above. Sprawling Bear Lake and the many mountains that dot the area are only a few of the awe-inspiring features available for enjoying from this height in the sky. As the lift descends towards the Alpine Slide starting point, be ready to hop into a sled and make your way down to the bottom once more at speeds that are sure to excite!

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Magic Mountain Memories

A trip down the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is not to be missed. Make sure to review the important points below before heading out on an afternoon adventure. You’re sure to leave wanting to return time and again!


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Monday-Friday: 10AM-4PM

Saturday-Sunday: 10AM-6PM

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

Enjoy family fun activities year-round. The Alpine Slide is Southern California’s only authentic bobsled experience. Riders navigate their own individually controlled sleds, each with Teflon runners and ball bearing wheels, down their choice of two quarter-mile-long cement tracks filled with high banked turns and long straightaways. 

Single Ride $6.00

5 Ride Book $25.00

Children 2 to 6 years of age and under 48” ride free with an adult 18 years of age or older


Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain
800 Wildrose Lane
Big Bear Lake

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