Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

Whether you have kids or you’re simply a kid-at-heart that longs for the carefree days of your youth, you can recapture the magic of childhood (if only for as long as a rollercoaster ride lasts) with the unparalleled fun of the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear, California. Learn more about this unique attraction below!

 What You’ll Encounter at This Attraction     

 Nestled along the southern shore of Big Bear Lake, the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is one of Big Bear’s best attractions. It’s well worth visiting this exciting attraction at any time of the year, creating memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come!

 Your exhilarating adventure on Magic Mountain begins with a chair lift ride to the top, immersed in picturesque scenery. Then, provided that you meet the height requirements, you can climb into your very own bobsled. Those who do not meet the height requirements, such as small children, can ride with an adult the same way they would while snow tubing down a bunny hill.

 Envision flying down the alpine coaster in a toboggan, the brisk chill of the winter wind hitting your face as you traverse a track that uses the natural dips, dives, and turns of the mountain to create a one-of-a-kind ride.

 These bobsleds are outfitted with runners covered in Teflon, making your ride smooth and speedy as you head to the bottom. The concrete track varies between surprising sharp turns that are sure to elicit an elated laugh from any rider, as well as long stretches that are flat and help you build up speed.

 In the summer, the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain converts into a mini water park, with waterslides that lead down into a cool, refreshing pool and a small sunbathing area where you can dry off after making your big splash.

 Beyond the summertime water slides, Magic Mountain also has a go-kart racing track and a course for mini-golf that are both open nearly year-round and add an extra dose of nostalgic wonder to your time visiting this attraction in Big Bear.

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