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Best Views in Big Bear

How to Find the Most Scenic Big Bear Attractions


During your travels it is important to take in the sights all around you. The same can be said during a trip to Big Bear, as it features some of the most gorgeous scenery in all of Southern California. We have highlighted the top three most scenic Big Bear attractions. Here is how to get to them: Boulder Bay Park Big Bear Lake is very picturesque on its own but there are incredible spots where the views are taken up a notch. Boulder Bay Park continues to be a local

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Let’s All Go Chasn’ Waterfalls


It’s officially Springtime here at Big Bear Vacations and with the amazing winter we had everyone is out on the trails looking for the best waterfall hike in Big Bear! Normally I’m a huge advocate of “flip flop” hikes like the Woodland Interpretive Trail on the N.Shore of BB. An easy hike with great views…that you can do in about 45min in your flip flops. However, it’s starting to warm up on the mountain and the snow melt is creating some spectacular waterfalls in Big Bear all over the forest!

Around Town

Best Places to See in Big Bear for Your Instagram


In the good old days, taking pictures was a lot of work. You’d have to load the camera with film, swirl the dial on the lens to make sure everything was focused, take a bunch of shots, unload the camera, drive to the developer, drop off the film, and wait ten whole days to discover you had forgotten to take the lens cover off the camera and ALL THE PICTURES WERE RUINED! Today, we point, click, delete (if they are bad) or upload straight to our Instagram accounts so the

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Best Attractions Not to Miss in Big Bear


People travel to Big Bear from all over the world for a wide variety of reasons, the most predominant of which is the beautiful area in which the town sits. A massive lake, towering mountains, endless wilderness, and much more highlight the sights of Big Bear. There is plenty to see, but there is also plenty to do on any Big Bear vacation. The area is home to many Big Bear attractions that you will not want to miss during your time in this wonderful area. Big Bear Discovery Center