Spring Break in Big Bear Lake

Spring Fever hits me every February, (yes I realize it’s now mid-March, but my fever hits early). It’s that cusp between full blown winter and hints of warmness. I think longingly of warm sunny days, crisp nights and the knowledge that summer is just around the corner.  I realize this is a bit hasty.  I mean, it’s still technically winter, but I cannot stop the daydreams of tank tops, shorts and longer days.

Spring Break is a really great time to come to Big Bear Lake. We have so many year round activities, but spring is the best.  Trees and flowers are starting to bud making it a fun time of year to go hiking.  Big Bear has more hiking trails than you can count, from beginner to expert.  The Discovery Center on the North Shore is a great place to take your kids and explore the forest. Take a walk up Cougar Crest Trail where it meets the Pacific Crest Trail.  You can be a trail angel and leave goodies for the PCT hikers! For more information on what the Discovery Center has to offer, visit: http://mountainsfoundation.org

We’ve had a wonderful winter in terms of snow. Snow Summit and Bear Mountain should be open until the end of March, and if we get some more storms, maybe even April. Both of our tubing hills will also be open.

Prefer water over snow? Big Bear Lake reopens April 1st. Clearly a sign that summer cannot be far off! Go fishing, take the boat out, dip your toes in the water!!!! Book a spot on the pirate ship and learn about the history of Big Bear Lake.

After a full winter of books, learning and being inside while at school, the kids deserve to have some outdoor time and so do you!  We have a spring promotion going on with incredible discounts that will save the pocket book. Give us a call – our vacation planners would love to assist you with creating the best spring break ever!!


Where to eat in Big Bear

Restaurants near Big Bear Mountain Resorts
You’ll certainly work up quite the appetite after a long day of skiing or snowboarding in Big Bear. Some of the best shredding in Southern California calls for some of the best food. We believe choosing any of these restaurants after a successful day on the slopes will please your stomach.

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company is quickly becoming one of the favorite spots in
Big Bear. The gastro pub offers a large selection of beer that is brewed onsite, and a full menu of delicious pub food. The stuffed Avocado Bombs have quickly gained notoriety for their combination of unique presentation and great flavor.

Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria
There’s an old-school ambiance with the fun and flair of a newer pizza joint at Saucy Mama’s. The pizza here is from a recipe that has been passed down from great grandma, the original Saucy Mama. Sauces and dough are made from scratch daily, so your pizza is always going to taste fresh. Saucy Mama’s is also the only hand-tossed pizza in Big Bear – this is the spot for pie lovers.

In addition to delicious pizza, there’s also beer and wine served at Saucy Mama’s. They want you to unwind after a long day on the slopes. What better way to do so than to dive into a pizza on the patio with a glass of craft beer on the side?

572 Social Kitchen & Lounge
The name of this place nearly tells it all. Aptly titled for its address and what’s inside, the 572 Social Kitchen & Lounge is another ideal spot for a meal during your bachelorette party. The restaurant focuses on modern dishes, but also features some American classics that will make your mouth water. The Cali Burger is loaded with applewood-smoked bacon, avocado, onion, lettuce, tomato and Tillamook cheddar cheese. Accompany the burger with a cocktail of your choice for the full 572 experience. The outdoor patio is perfect for a summer lunch in the Village.

Big Bear’s Best Cup of Joe

Cap Off Your Big Bear Experience with a Great Cup of Joe!coffee in big bear
Whether you come to Big Bear for the brisk mountain air and the thrill of skiing in the wintertime or you come for the scenic hiking and pleasant days by Big Bear Lake during the summer, there’s nothing like starting off your day with an amazing cup of coffee in one of the quaint coffee shops in this charming alpine town. Before you hit the slopes or the water, check out our list below of the top local coffee shops to grab a cup of coffee in Big Bear when you want to begin the day on a high note!

Moonridge Coffee
Particularly convenient when you want to stop for coffee before a long day of skiing, snowboarding, and the like, Moonridge Coffee is located right next to Bear Mountain Resort, serving as a wonderful outlet for awesome brews, hearty breakfast options, and the cheapest prices that you can get when you’re that close to the resort.

The Copper Q
For the quintessentially pleasant tourist coffee shop experience in Big Bear, look no further than The Copper Q. They have excellent coffee and tea, in addition to serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as providing cooking demonstrations for their patrons.

Teddy Bear Restaurant
Grab a slice of Big Bear’s best pie while you sip on your coffee, as Teddy Bear Restaurant’s most famous dessert will not disappoint. The restaurant is also well-known for its delicious breakfast and comfort food menu items.

Grizzly Manor Café
While Grizzly Manor Café and the previously mentioned Teddy Bear Restaurant are admittedly not your stereotypical coffee shops, both provide excellent coffee and a bevy of breakfast options. Grizzly Manor Café in particular is renowned for its food, with lines often stretching out the door. If you’re up for waiting, you’re sure to enjoy the old school diner-feel of this traditional restaurant with amazing java.

Big Bear Vacations Can Help You Start Planning Your Alpine Adventure Today!
Contact our dedicated team of reservation specialists to learn more about what there is to see and do in Big Bear all year long when you book your stay today in one of our quaint and cozy cabins for a traditional experience in the mountains of Big Bear, California!  Or view & book all of the available  Big Bear Cabins here.

Around Town with Ali – Fall Is Here

FALL IS HERE!!!!!! Leaves are turning colors, nights are chilly but the days are sunny and warm. It is the perfect time to be in Big Bear Lake. Having recently moved here, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the fall season – my biggest question – is there a fall season in southern California? Heck yes there is and I am not at all disappointed! So much to do, so much to see!!!!

I recently attended Hot Dawgs and Handrails (an elite snowboarding event) – and while this event has passed – you should definitely mark it on your calendars for next year. Sitting in the sunshine, watching the staff at Bear Mountain make snow, I was intrigued by this process. They do not make snow in Idaho – I’d never seen anything like it. I was an adult suddenly trapped in an eight year old mind frame. I was tempted to run out there, jump in and make a snow angel. I contained myself. I wanted to see the competition and was sure I’d be escorted out if I dared to fling myself into the artificial snow bank!

October means Halloween is coming and I am super excited to check out Panic in the Park haunted house! I love haunted houses and can’t wait to see what awaits me in this cavern of creepy things.

When I was a kid I loved trick or treating. I mean who doesn’t like candy? And all you have to do is wear a costume and yell trick or treat? Let’s see, dress up as my favorite character, be wild and get yummy goodies – yes please, sign me up for that! I’d still trick or treat if I thought I could get away with it, but I’m just too tall to pretend to be a child, which is extremely disappointing!

The Village shops close their doors on Halloween and then reopen them to trick or treaters from 4:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – great way for your kids to have a safe and happy Halloween.

Whether you have never been to Big Bear in the fall, or you return every year, there are too many activities to list in this blog – so just get up here and check them out!

Happy fall y’all – and Happy Halloween too!!!

For a comprehensive list of Halloween activities visit: bigbeargrizzly.net!