Do you love spending time on a relaxing lake while angling for some of the best fish in the water? If so, try your hand at the annual Fishin’ for $50K Big Bear Lake Trout Fishing Tournament held each year just off Big Bear Lake, California. This extremely popular event is back for another year of amateur and competitive fisherman trying their best to reel in one of five tagged trout each worth $10,000; that is up to $50,000 in possible winnings!

Fishing Derby for all Ages

The Fishin’ for $50k Trout Tournament is not just an adult competition. Adult and children competitions are taking place this year giving anglers of all ages a chance to win one of many prizes. The adult derby will award the top three place finishers with a cash prize. First place can take home $500, second place $250, and third place will gain free entry into the 2020 event. As mentioned, the big catches are five individual trout specially tagged for $10,000 each. The children’s competition is the perfect way for the kids to reel in their own competitive fish. First place child’s winner takes home a $500 savings bond, second place a $250 saving bond, and third place gets free entry into the 2020 event and a brand-new fishing rod. Now those are some prizes worth fighting over!

How It Works

Each contestant will be allowed to fish until their heart is content from 6:00am to 2:00pm for both days of the event. Everyone will be given a free jar of bait to help bring in the big catches. Not only will contestants enjoy two full days of fishing on the lake but also receive discounts at participating local restaurants, shops and specialty service stores all around Big Bear. Each contestant will also be given a raffle ticket to potentially bring home thousands of dollars’ worth of brand new gear.

Register Today for the

If you plan on participating in this year’s Fishin’ for $50K Big Bear Lake Trout Fishing Tournament, make sure to book a spot online today. Entrée fees for adults run at $80 and children at $30; fees allow entry into the event for both days of the derby. This year’s event will take place on June 8th and 9th so get your reels ready as its just around the corner!

A Good Ol’ Time Enjoying Big Bear Lake Trout Fishing

Cast your line as your next Big Bear adventure is just around the corner. Take a look at our exclusive vacation rentals in the area that will keep you close to all of the fishing action around Big Bear Lake. Contact us today and we will get you set up in the perfect rental for your next Big Bear getaway.

Some come to Big Bear Lake, California to relax and forget everything waiting for them back home. Others look forward to the month of May, eager to participate in the Spartan Big Bear Beast and Sprint and show off their athletic prowess. Each year the Spartan races are popular events, with repeat participants looking to compete at the top level or get back into shape. Either way, participating in the Beast and Sprint Big Bear Spartan Race is a great way to meet other amateur athletes and have the race of a lifetime.

The Beast Race

The Spartan Big Bear Beast is one of the most grueling obstacle races in all of Southern California. You will be testing your strength, endurance, and resolve to their highest to make it over 13 miles of terrain. Over 30 obstacles await you between the starting position and finish line. Each obstacle is expertly crafted to force you into your discomfort zone and endure through the race. Do not let these obstacles stop you from reaching your limits and beyond. Turn your beast mode on and show the Spartan Big Bear Beast that you came to survive!

The Sprint Race

If you are just starting out your Spartan race experience, think about joining the Sprint. This shorter race is only 3 miles with 20 obstacles that you must cover before reaching the finish line. If you are an experienced Spartan racer,the Sprintis a great way to test your endurance before you attempt the Beast. Each Sprint is never the same race,so each time you participate you are enjoying a brand-new course.

The Kids Race

If you have children who want to be just like their parents, register them for the Kids Race. This scaled down version of the Sprint has various distances depending on age group. They will love the unique obstacles set up for them that will not be too difficult to maneuver. Children ages 4 to 13 can enjoy the Kids Race for a unique and thrilling experience.

Get Ready Spartans

This year’s Beast and Sprint Big Bear Spartan Race will take place on May 18th and 19th, 2019. New to the 2019 event will be the Trail Race, a no-obstacles race on foot through the rugged terrain of Big Bear Lake. Reserve your spot in the race today!

Get Ready for the Big Bear Spartan Race

Start preparing yourself for the Spartan Big Bear Beast and Sprint that is just around the corner. Relax before and after your race at our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. You can enjoy luxury amenities including lakeside views for an unbelievable trip. Book online with us today and get ready for your Big Bear escape!